30 Day Perception Shift Challenge: Forgiving Myself

Join me in pursuing this perception shift (which works miracles); moving from a space of harboring resentment towards myself for so many stupid, impermanent and illusory things, to a space of acceptance and love for the being I am.

This is how we begin to own, and further reveal our personal power/light. It absolutely starts with how you think about and feel towards yourself.

30 forgive myself

Forgiving Myself Satsang (Youtube Video)Β 

Day 1

Take in the concept of forgiving yourself and what the need to do so implies.
We aren’t kind to ourselves. I beat myself up so frequently that I no longer notice.
The problem with this is that we cannot extend true kindness and love to anyone or anything external until we behave that way toward ourselves. If you squeeze an apple, you will not get orange juice. And if you are made of non-acceptance, judgement and relentless criticism towards yourself, how will others get love, acceptance and kindness from you?

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Podcast 005: How, & Why it’s Necessary to Stay Open in the Face of Pain & Fear

Staying open in the face of pain, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, perceptions of lack, etc. is big work. And it is necessary work Β for transformation. We must stay open in order to connect, as our species is intended to do. Connection is necessary for us to ‘get’ that we are one. Experiencing that we are one is necessary for our evolution, survival, and reunion with God.

Some Chatter on the TopicΒ (click for podcast)